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If you're into fishing, especially bone-fishing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, power boating and anything else associated with saltwater, bush whacking or exploring old ruins, then Little Exuma’s for you. It’s an unspoiled Paradise. Ask Johnny Depp. Little Exuma was the launching ground for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, which was filmed on Sandy Cay offshore. Depp fell in love with the Exumas and bought a private island there.

Little Exuma boasts virgin soft white sandy beaches, incredible diving reefs, lush seaside greenery, slave ruins, historical salt ponds, lore filled settlements, magnificent beach hideaways and a culturally rooted, friendly and welcoming population of several hundred.

It's joined to Great Exuma by a short bridge called The Ferry, a reminder of the days when the only means of getting there was by ferry. It’s part of the Exuma Cays and Great and Little Exuma chain that make up over 200 island jewels in the Bahamas and where the soft mint greens, teal, dazzling blues and turquoises showcase some of the most extraordinary marine beauty in the world. The Ferry is the first settlement on the north-west tip of Little Exuma.

It’s a skip away from Harbour Moriah The harbour and its marine environment are a vital part of the ecosystem between Great and Little Exuma. Moriah Harbour Cay National Park is made up of pristine beaches, dunes, mangrove creeks and sea grass beds. Birds, including gull-billed and least terns, nighthawks, plovers, oystercatchers and osprey, nurse there. The mangroves are vital nurseries for juvenile crabs, crawfish, conch, grey snappers, yellowtails, and groupers. On land, trees like palmettos, buttonwoods, bay cedar, and sea oats work in concert, providing stability, nutrients and beauty to the ecosystem.

On the Atlantic side is the small farming settlement of Forbes Hill, named after early settlers. The Fort – the ruins of a fortress dating back to 1892 used during British rule – sits on a nearby hill, commanding a beautiful view of Fort Bay beach and miles of surroundings. Williams Town, the last community, was built around the salt industry and once employed about 800 people in the salt ponds and cotton fields. However, the population by the year 2000 had dwindled to 176. An old stone beacon on a cliff guided ships which picked up the salt for export to North America and Nova Scotia. It offers beautiful views of the sea and the beach below. Long Island stretches to the south east of Little Exuma and makes for a good day’s boating excursion. Little Exuma is made up of old Bahamian homes and a sprinkling of second homes owned predominantly by North Americans. The non-Bahamians are attracted to the peaceful beauty of Little Exuma, and the nearby social life of George Town.

Looking for entertainment? Drive into George Town and beyond. Take the ferry to gorgeous Stocking Island and eat a yummy conch burger at Dora's grill. Check out the Saturday night dance at Peace and Plenty or Two Turtles. Dine, sip a cocktail or play golf at The Four Seasons. Two Turtles has a Friday night Barbeque of ribs with peas & rice, coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. Peace & Plenty Beach Club is a two mile bus ride north of Georgetown. Coconut Cove is next to the beach club and the Palm Bay, next to Coconut Cove, has the best Grouper fingers and conch fritters. Go to Castaways in Moss Town just south of the airport for tasty native food. Closer to Little Exuma, check out Cheater's restaurant and the Peace & Plenty Bonefish Lodge just before The Ferry and Little Exuma.

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